I am honored to run for Idaho State Senate District 12. I’ve been talking with a lot of people in my district. Folks are tired of the same, “good ol’ boy” politics, which line the pockets of big industries and legislators, but do nothing for the average Idahoan.

It is time to start a public conversation of how our 20-year, GOP-led legislative body has weakened Idaho to the point of being among the lowest states in education and health care (including mental health), and among the highest in unemployment and suicide rates. I wish to engage with the 20% of Idahoans who say they have given up hope of a better future, and are preparing to move out of the state. I encourage them to stay in Idaho and reclaim Idaho’s beauty, diversity and common sense politics.  It is time to hold our politicians accountable and to address the gaps that prevent us from keeping young people, doctors, educators and high-level workers in this great state.